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Diligent Columbia Family Law Attorney Seeks Effective Legal Solutions

Dedicated South Carolina lawyer handles complex divorce cases and other domestic matters

Family law issues are often difficult to resolve and can create significant stress for you and your loved ones. At The Paraclete Law Center, LLC, Attorney Kharimah R. Dessow represents clients in the Columbia and Sumter areas in many types of family law cases, as well as other legal matters. Our South Carolina firm understands the sensitive nature of these cases and will strive to find a workable and fair resolution that allows you to move forward with confidence. Whether you are seeking a divorce, the modification of a child custody Order or you need an attorney’s help with a personal injury claim or estate planning concern, Attorney Kharimah R. Dessow will explain the available legal options and take action to protect your interests.

Knowledgeable advocate represents residents in the Columbia and sumter areas

We provide reliable and responsive representation to residents throughout the Columbia and Sumter areas in the following matters:

  • Family law — Whether you’re getting a divorce, trying to establish a child custody arrangement, reach a fair decision on a child support award or adopt, a minor child, our family law attorney will help you seek a just and appropriate outcome.
  • Personal injury — Our firm represents accident victims in personal injury cases, including auto accident claims, and will help you obtain the compensation you deserve to cover your medical expenses and other costs.
  • Estate planning — Attorney Kharimah R. Dessow is adept at helping you address end-of-life plans and other estate planning needs. We will assist you with creating a solid estate planning package that includes a Will and other advanced directives that state how you want your assets distributed and who you would like to assist you in the event you are no longer able to make decisions on your own. We are here to help you with all of your probate and estate administration matters.

Attorney Kharimah R. Dessow understands legal issues can be overwhelming and the importance of obtaining a favorable result. Our firm will thoroughly analyze the issues in your matter and develop a sound plan to support your case.

Contact a reliable South Carolina law firm to schedule a consultation

At The Paraclete Law Center, LLC, Attorney Kharimah R. Dessow represents clients in Columbia, South Carolina and the surrounding areas in family law and other legal matters. Call 803-978-3931 or contact our firm online to schedule a consultation.